Boston, Our New Home

Boston March 2010

That’s right, Boston is going to be our new home! In less than 2 weeks, we will there! We’ve set up this blog to keep family and friends updated, as well as a way to share our experience about what it’s like to be a “Boston Rookie”.

We have signed a 12 month lease that begins Feb 1, on an apartment in Cambridge, across the Charles River from Boston. Here are some pictures:





  1. We love the blog! What a great idea! We hope your experience in Boston is absolutely wonderful. Please be careful and take care of each other.


  2. Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed it all especially the Michael’s trip and watching the ball game together. Thanks Benjamin for setting me up on the computer and Erica for helping me with all of the cookies. By the way, the Janet’s party was great.
    This time next week you will be closer to settled in Boston. We will talk via Skype! Godspeed!


  3. This is wonderful. Makes you seem closer. I am praying that all goes well – with the three of you. It will kind of be like camping out till your furniture gets there but exciting too. Boston holds lots of surprises – and it can’t snow all the time. Hope you packed warm but I know you did. Take care of yourselves. We love you. Hugs and God bless
    Aunt Patsy


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