10 Days until the Move

Well, it’s 10 days until the move. We’ve been organizing, sorting, putting things in piles, and put some things in boxes. But today, we officially packed the first box and sealed it with tape and used the sharpie!
The picture below is not ours, but I wanted to grab one from Flickr.

Moving boxes

The movers are coming anywhere between the 28th and the 31st. Our flight to Boston is on the 1st. We’ve been making arrangements for utilities and the internet/cable/phone is supposed to be hooked up on the 1st.

Our cat is flying with us on Southwest. We made our reservations online and called them for her reservation. We ordered a pet carrier from Amazon.com and she fits in it. It’s tight, but it will fit underneath the seat. That’s going to be an experience.

We saw lots of family today and I mentioned that we set up the blog. I created an email subscription link widget on the side and am trying it out tonight.



  1. Erica- I love the site!! IT looks so professional! I cannot wait to keep reading it for updates on your adventures! Best of luck these last few days getting packed and ready.


    • Erica, I’m sad you are leaving!! But I’m with Brittney, I’m glad to see this blog so I can read about what’s going on with you and Ben in Boston! How exciting!!!


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