We’ve arrived in Boston

We made it! And probably just in time. We had to circle around before landing for a while for the runway to be cleared. Then, we started to descend and then they pulled up because of traffic reasons. We arrived about 30 minutes late.

Miffy did not make a peep. She may have even slept a little bit. During the first takeoff, she tried to get out of the carrier but ended up just going in a few circles inside it. This time, we had a small zipper open to pet her and she tried to escape during take off! We couldn’t help but laugh after we got her back inside.

We got our bags, met the driver, went to Benjamin’s office to pick up 2 bags from last week, stopped at the FedEx in Cambridge to pick up 3 boxes (air mattress, cat litter box, and litter).

We drove through snowy Cambridge to our apartment. We loaded the elevator up and went to our new place. It’s on the 9th floor. We heard a barking dog in the hallway, but don’t hear it at our place.

We’ve spent the last hour unpacking our luggage and getting Miffy’s stuff set up. She keeps walking around looking.

Bye for now!


  1. Yay!!! So glad you made it safely. Been thinking about you guys all day. I really enjoy all of your updates – keep them coming!


  2. You’ve been on my mind today. Glad to hear you are there and safe and that Miffy’s travel went so well. And yes…..you may want to get more than a pizza before tomorrow! Stay warm and take care. Miss you guys.
    Love ya!


    • Yes, went out earlier this evening and found a grocery store similar to Kroger- called Shaws. We got to Walgreens and the walk wasn’t bad, so we decided to try to find the larger store. It was about a 20 minute walk back with all the snow on the sidewalk, but wasn’t bad at all.


  3. We are so glad everything went well. We are so proud of Miffy. It sounds like she is handling all of this very well. And you all are too! Be safe.


  4. So glad to hear you arrived safely – some adventure for all of you. Great news about Miffy too.
    Do you have anything to sit on? Sounds like you are managing great. Hugs to all and lots of hugs
    Aunt Patsy


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