View of Snowy Cambridge

Here’s the view from our bedroom.

It snowed yesterday morning and turned into rain later. Benjamin went out on the subway (called the T) to go into the office in the afternoon. He said water was everywhere. Puddles and more puddles of slushy-ness!

After he came home from work, we walked down Mass Ave (opposite direction of the T and Walgreens). I hadn’t been that way before. I had read online that this area is called the “Furniture District” and it was true. We walked by a dozen furniture stores, including Crate and Barrel- which is one of my favorite kitchen stores- but this one also carries furniture. Most of the stores were “modern” looking, but the Door Store was neat because it was real furniture that they made in the store.

We ended up at Zoe’s Restaurant in Cambridge. They served breakfast all-day. We weren’t looking for breakfast for dinner, but it sounded good. We looked through the menu and we were trying to think of an equivalent of back home and the only thing we could thank of was a Greek inspired Denny’s.

Here’s what we got, but they had a Greek twist to just about every type of entree:

It was good and we’d go back! There were a lot of students there because we were closer to Harvard. Oh and one other thing before I forget- While at the restaurant, about every 5-8 minutes, the table and floor would shake from the train underground.

On the way back to our apartment, I accidental stepped in a huge puddle of FREEZING water. Brrrr, we made a beeline back!!


One comment

  1. I bet the first time the table shook, it surprised you. Food sure looks good though.
    Snow missed us so far but it is raining and 31. My car is making a new funny noise – hope it isn’t serious. Runs ok but scary. Aunt Soni and I ate at Olive Garden yesterday; then went to Goodwill and Salvation army for books – and fabric. She says she can read and enjoy your blog but hasn’t figured out how to add comments. I gave her some pointers.
    Hope your first weekend there is great. Hugs, Aunt Patsy


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