Pepper Sky’s

We tried Pepper Sky’s at 20 Pearl Street, Cambridge for dinner last night. We both decided that we wanted Asian food for dinner, so we walked down Mass Ave looking for Asian. We were wanting Thai, but we didn’t see any so I pulled up the Yelp App on my phone and this placed popped up!

It looked like a small place inside and just about every table was taken. That was a good sign. There was also a lot of traffic with carry-out and the reviews said that it was better for carry-out, so we’ll have to do that next time.

Benjamin got Chicken Basil and Chili. Here’s a close-up of my vegetable stir-fry:

A lot of the restaurants that we have seen all do ordering online and with different mobile apps. We haven’t tried it yet, as we want to try a few dishes from places to learn what we like because the descriptions online probably aren’t very detailed.



  1. Hey! I’m glad you’ve made it and are settling in! Love the new blog…I just realized it existed and read through all your posts 🙂 Enjoy your year in Boston–what an experience!


  2. Thanks to Angela I can now leave comments!!! I’m so proud of you both –you’re so organized just learning to ‘get around’ Boston. Love the pictures as well as your comments!!!
    take care, hugs, Soni


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