Want the good news or the bad news first?

I had to start with that headline! Oh, a packed full day, let’s hope I remember everything. I’ll try to stay in order!

We were expecting the movers to come today, with a call saying they were on their way. I wanted to get a few things organized before they showed up. They called, but they were looking for the entrance. Okay, let’s tidy up quickly!

Benjamin waited downstairs in the lobby and I was in our apartment with the cat.

They had to upload our stuff from the semi-truck this morning, to a smaller truck that they could drive up to the building. The 2 guys were the same ones that loaded it up on Monday morning.

They uploaded the truck and put everything in the lobby.

They first brought up the boxes.

After coming up the first time, he mentioned that he wasn’t sure that the couch would fit through the last turn before the apartment. I gave him a tape measure and they went back to uploading things.

A few more trips later, he said the couch wouldn’t fit into the elevator:

He said they would try taking it up the stairwell, but they came back and said that it got narrow in a few parts and it wasn’t possible. So, what do you do with a couch?

We had them look into sending it back to Kentucky, but it would cost just as much to send it back on short notice, than it cost to ship all of our stuff up here in the first place. The mail lady came while all this was going on and said that she sees it happen all the time in this building (and others). There is no freight elevator, just 2 regular sized elevators.

Benjamin came up with the idea to take it to his office. So that’s what they did. Benjamin rode with them while I started to unpack boxes.

On this truck, our stuff wasn’t the only stuff. So they used stickers to keep track of everything. We had 31 boxes plus a sticker on each other item:

We spent a few hours unpacking and quickly realized that we’re going to have to be creative in how we store things because there’s just not that much space. We went to the grocery store in the evening and got lots of stuff. Still need some essentials like flour, eggs, and oil- but we got enough stuff for the week and for chili tomorrow!!

We’re hoping to rent a pick-up truck or van from U-Haul tomorrow to go to Ikea. Guess what’s now on the list? A couch or futon, or something else to sit on in the living room. But we’re thankful to be sleeping in our own bed tonight and have a kitchen table and 2 chairs!

Oh and a special treat: Cokes were 88 cents today and we saw 3 people get 3 carts full of them. We were able to snap a quick picture of 1 of them:



  1. I am so glad the movers got there but what a bummer about your sofa. Still a futon has many uses. Who would think to check to see if their furniture would fit in the elevator. They should have a freight elevator. Kind of sounds like a tv movie. Glad you keep your sense of humor. And you do have a table, chairs and bed and blankets.
    Wendy, Jules and I went to the flea market in Louisville Sat and had a ball checking out bargains. Take care of yourselves. Hugs, Aunt Patsy


    • wow, I can’t believe all this, happy that you do have a bed now and table and chairs. I know when you gt over this hurdle things will be much better.we love you.


  2. Loved these pictures but so sorry the couch would not fit in the elevator or stairs.
    Glad to see a photo of Missy too. How is she doing ? She looks like she having a wonderful time there.
    Take care, hugs,


    • She is doing much better (happier) now that we have a full sized bed. She is leery of the new big rug in the middle of the living room- but is slowly getting on it.


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