A whirlwind trip to Ikea in Stoughton, MA

Yesterday was a whirlwind to go to the Ikea in Stoughton, MA.

It was a gorgeous day with sun and in the low 40’s.

We called U-Haul to reserve a van and we walked down the street to pick it up. The google map directions took us across the bridge into Boston, we drove pass TD Garden (where the Celtics play) and into the tunnel.

We drove pass the rest of downtown Boston:

We made it to Ikea:

For those of you who have never been to an Ikea, it’s a huge store that has furniture, textiles, storage, flooring, and accessories. The furniture comes in boxes and you have to assemble it.

We walked around the showroom for about an hour just trying to look at all the sofas, tv stands, and desks. We then decided to eat lunch at the cafeteria.

We decided that we were ready to start picking out things. You walk through the showroom, write down the numbers and locations from the tags, and then you go downstairs to go down the warehouse aisles and load up your cart. We finally decided on a sofa. It’s a loveseat in beige- Yes, beige- I know. 🙂

The TV stand:

1 desk:

2 desk:

Ok- story time. You remember me mentioning that you have to write down the item number and location? Well, we got to the end of the showroom and realized that we couldn’t find “our paper”. Benjamin had to go back and find it. It was on a bathroom shelf that we’re looking at and had a hard time deciding on whether or not it would fit. We decided that it wouldn’t and when we got home, I was glad. The space was narrower than we though.

We also picked up a huge shaggy rug for the living room, kitchen rug, door rugs, and 2 rugs for the bedroom. We also got some little things like broom, dust pan. Oh, and we we got home, I learned that lids and trashcans are charged separately. I thought $2.99 was a good deal for a small trashcan.

We felt like we had to rush back to the apartment to upload our stuff and then return the van to U-Haul before they closed.

It was a busy day.

We couldn’t find the turn we were supposed to take, so we ended up taking a different bridge back:

Into Cambridge:

We only had enough time to put together the couch before the Super Bowl started. We’ll start on the desks next!

Sorry for the lack of pictures of us. We’ll try to work on that and some pictures of our furniture as we assemble it!


  1. I feel like a copycat from Wendy and Patsy, but……it’s true, I love the pictures and all the comments from you!!!!! Thanks for entering the blog each day–it’s wonderful for the people at home!!!
    hugs, Soni


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