Truck Day in Boston

< Disclaimer for the Yankee Fans out there —- For educational purposes only >

What’s truck day you might ask? After I heard it on the news broadcast yesterday, I asked.

It’s the first sign of baseball season here in Boston. The trucks outside of Fenway Park load the Red Sox equipment to take from Boston to Fort Myers, Florida. That’s where their Spring Training is. I had no idea they were that into baseball to come out in the rain/snow to celebrate!

Here’s a link to the Boston Globe’s coverage. Hopefully you don’t have to sign in or create a account. If so, just Google it and you can probably find some pictures.



  1. You’re already becoming a ‘Boston’ insider. Truck day. That’s great they stand behind their team so well.
    Love your new furniture too.
    take care,
    hugs, Soni


  2. I had a wonderful visit. I can now close my eyes when I start missing you and almost feel like I’m there. Cambridge is a great location with many sites and sounds. Miffie never looked happier in her new surroundings. Love you both !


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