YMCA Cambridge

I have been searching online for a few weeks about the gym choices here and there were only 2 in this area (within 2-8 blocks). I think we’ve decided on the YMCA.

It’s the closer one- just 1 block away! It’s around $50 a month (which is high compared to Louisville), but if we both join, we get a small discount. This Y also has a Yoga studio for an additional $10/month with 2-4 different classes a day. I stopped by at lunch time and got a brochure and 2 free passes. I went back after work to go to the “Yoga of Energy Flow” class.

The only yoga class (or gym for that matter) that I’ve been to has been the gym at work. They had 3 levels: Gentle Yoga, Yoga, and Power Yoga. This place has 15 different classes. I never knew there were that many types. It was a good classes, although it’s been several week since I’ve been to yoga and my classes were only 45 minutes long, but this class was 75 minutes long. It felt great to be exercising again! I’ll probably go back and sign us up on Thursday.

Our first visitor is coming to town tomorrow. My mom is in town on business, but we’re going to meet up for dinner and to give a tour of our place!



  1. Nice you have found a gym and that is is so close. It does seem high but I bet it will be worth it. The desk and sofa look great. Wonderful that you were able to get them together.
    How wonderful you will have your first visitor – and your Mom too. Hope the weather cooperates. It is 16 here but going to warm up this weekend. Can’t wait. Hugs to you both
    Aunt Patsy


  2. I would almost say that’s not really that high. When I was looking at joining gyms in spring of 09, the Y in Jeffersonville was around $50/month for a single membership. I looked into it again a couple months ago for Josh and I to join together since the Y has a pool and LAC doesn’t and I wanted to start swimming; it was going to be about $60-65 for the 2 of us. So you get a pretty good discount for having more than 1 membership but the single membership I thought was pricey.. but still I would think it would be more in Boston 🙂 I ended up going with LAC for $30/month which from everyone I talk to is pretty cheap.

    Anyway, glad you found a close gym!! I have been meaning to get back into yoga, but they only have 1 class now that I can make it to and something always seems to come up.

    Have fun with your mom!!!


  3. It’s always GREAT having family visit. I know you all will have the very best time!!!
    And I’ve learned how important it is to exercise. I’m so proud of you both.
    Take care,
    hugs, Soni


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