Our First Visitor

Erica’s mom came to Boston on business this week and we were able to meet up for dinner and a tour of our apartment.

We had a great time catching up and we also got to watch part of the Louisville basketball game.

We were at a place with lots of TV and most were on the Boston Bruins (ice hockey) game, but we asked them to turn on the Louisville vs. Notre Dame game. “Oh, you want the Notre Dame game on?” was the response we got from the waitress. And then the manager came over to ask us which TV we wanted the Notre Dame game on. Whatever, it worked!

Here’s a picture of us:

And Erica wanted a picture of her new (from Christmas) long coat and boots:

You can see that we STILL have snow on the ground! They are also some lights on trees and across the streets near the T station. We’ll be posting some pictures of the food and a review of the Tavern on the Square in a separate post later.



  1. I am so glad you have such a warm coat and boots – obviously, they are coming in handy. I bet you will get your fill of snow this winter. How nice you had your Mom for your first visitor. Does the apartment feel like home yet? Looking forward to the tour. Hugs and God bless
    Aunt Patsy


  2. Mothers are the very best ‘first’ company!!!! I know she enjoyed seeing everything you’ve been doing, along with your new home.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on everything you’ve been seeing and doing.

    Take care,
    hugs, Soni


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