Can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. After work, neither of us have had much energy to get on the computer. Maybe it’s because it’s dark and still cold outside. Erica just wants to sit on the couch and watch TV. We’ve been watching Auction Hunters, Pawn Stars, Pickers, and other shows where they go through old stuff and sell it.

Since the last update, we’ve tried a new Mex-Tex restaurant called Border Cafe near Harvard Square. This is a place that we’ll definitely take visitors to.

Erica joined the Y on Saturday!

Also on Saturday, we went took the bus to Newbury Street. It’s 8 blocks of shops and restaurants in buildings that were originally part of a prestigious neighborhood in the late 1800’s.

There was a mix of the types of stores ranging from a Best Buy on one end to a Nike store, little boutiques, Puma, Ed Hardy, Ted Baker. There were also lots of salons and other beauty services. Restaurants and cafes ranged from French, Italian, pubs, and a Starbucks.

Erica got a Valentine’s day present there, more on that later!

We took the bus back to Cambridge, got off at a stop near the grocery store, went shopping, and hopped back on the bus with 5 bags of groceries.

On Sunday, Erica ventured down to the laundry mat and learned how to use the washers and dryers. We also went to an Indian restaurant for their lunch buffet.



  1. I loved the 4 1/2 storied buildings!! I guess when you have so much snow and cold weather, it really makes sense to build up instead of spreading out.
    And a hundred years ago we used to live across the hall from a family from India. I taught her how to cook American food and she taught me how to cook Indian food. It was a great trade off. We all became good friends and enjoyed their 2 children.
    My kids weren’t in kindergarden (sp?) yet.
    Thanks so much for keeping us informed about Boston.
    hugs, Soni


  2. Does it remind you a little of England? I love the buildings – the shapes etc You have accomplished so much in two weeks. Think of how much you have seen and done. And shared, thank you very much.
    take care. Hugs, Aunt Patsy


    • Yes, it does remind us of England- especially around Harvard Square, which is about a 10 minute walk from here. Wait until it warms up and we can take some pictures and just wonder around!


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