Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts

We took the T to Boston. It was a 10-15 minute train ride. We saw lots of little kids on the train. Much different than on week days.

We made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts near Boston Commons (big open area) for coffee, muffins, and a bagel. We’re going to walk around the area and also to go Macy’s (still have a Christmas gift card).


4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. Soni

    Is the T an above ground train? Hope you had a good time choosing your presents from the gift card. That’s usually a lot of fun.
    Will you both be off work for Presidents’ Day monday? I know you’ll have a great time looking all around Boston.
    Take care,
    hugs, Soni


    1. In the city, the Ts are below the streets. Although, when we take the Red line train to the city- before we cross the river, the train comes up and travels along the same bridge as cars and then go backs underneath the city. But out in the suburbs, I have seen the trains above the ground. I need to work on a post about the trains and buses and how easy they are to use.


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