Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts

We took the T to Boston. It was a 10-15 minute train ride. We saw lots of little kids on the train. Much different than on week days.

We made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts near Boston Commons (big open area) for coffee, muffins, and a bagel. We’re going to walk around the area and also to go Macy’s (still have a Christmas gift card).



  1. Is the T an above ground train? Hope you had a good time choosing your presents from the gift card. That’s usually a lot of fun.
    Will you both be off work for Presidents’ Day monday? I know you’ll have a great time looking all around Boston.
    Take care,
    hugs, Soni


    • In the city, the Ts are below the streets. Although, when we take the Red line train to the city- before we cross the river, the train comes up and travels along the same bridge as cars and then go backs underneath the city. But out in the suburbs, I have seen the trains above the ground. I need to work on a post about the trains and buses and how easy they are to use.


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