Shalimar of India Cambridge

Last Sunday, we went to Shalimar of India on Mass Ave for their Indian lunch buffet.

As you can tell from the interior picture, the walls were pink and the chairs were gold!

Here is Erica’s first plate:

It’s a little sloppy, but she wanted to try different things.

Benjamin’s first plate:

We both tried a few new things. The main dish was the chicken and it was a little tomato-y, but it was still good.

They even turned on the Celtics game. The restaurant is only 1 block from the Central Square T stop, which is about 5 blocks from us.

Shalimar of India Restaurant
546 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Date of Visit: Sun Feb 13 2011 1pm



  1. I LOVE Indian food!! However, didn’t they also have some kind of bread? I love their ‘every day bread’ they make too. (Of course, you know how much I love most all breads)
    hugs, Soni


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