Using the Subway in Boston

The “T” is the public transportation system here in the Boston area. It is comprised of the subway, commuter rail, bus, and boats. We refer to the T as the subway, but that’s not really accurate. When we take the bus, we call it the bus.

The subway has a color-coded system and map:

You find where you are and look for where you want go to. Hopefully, it is on the same line (red, green, etc) so that you don’t have to transfer, but you’re not always lucky! Some (a few) stations have multiple lines and that is where you would transfer.

We are nearest to the Central Square T station:

Once you find out the line to get on, then you need to go in the right direction (inbound or outbound). Above is the sign inside the T stop. We were at Central, going to Park Street. We didn’t have to transfer, but if we needed to get on the Green line, Park Street would have been where we would have transferred to.

For the subway, you pay as you enter the station so you don’t have to pay extra to transfer because you stay underground when you transfer trains. It adds extra travel time to have to transfer, so it’s best to find the least amount of transfers.

That’s it for now. We took the subway on Saturday (first time for Erica since moving here) to the Park Street station and walked around.

The sun was out for once!


  1. I’m glad you both are smart – and patient. And adventuresome. the building to the right of Erica in the picture above looks bowed out like a boat – but I guess it isn’t. I do enjoy pictures of the area – the buildings etc The sun is out today here but it’s chilly. Hugs to you both. Love, Aunt Patsy


  2. Looks like it was a nice day. I am glad that you will work all of the transportation out before we come to Boston. You will also know where to have a good meal too. Take care. Love, Mom


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