Apartment Pictures

We finally got around to taking some pictures of our apartment today. The living room was clean, so here you go:

The view from the window behind the couch:

The view from the window and door, through the screen:

See the right-most tower in the background? That’s Memorial Hall, part of Harvard. It’s a very pretty building. Can’t wait till it warms up and we can take some real pictures with actual camera (and not with our phones).



  1. Great views – that Harvard building looks very interesting. The living room looks great – relaxing etc
    Thanks for sending these pictures. They are enjoyed. Hugs, Aunt Patsy


  2. Love the pictures!!! Keep ’em coming. Your apt looks very comfortable. Also need more pictures of Miffy and both of you. (and the rest of the apt too) Okay? Also love your view outside.
    Take care, hugs, Soni


  3. My last apartment was just up the street from Memorial Hall! In the summer/fall, there’s also a small farmer’s market that sets up there (usually on Tuesdays!)


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