Cambridge Fire Department

The Cambridge Fire Department is a busy group! We have seen them TWICE this week!

On Monday, around 9am, the fire alarm in our apartment went off. It took a little while for us to figure out that it was not the TV. Benjamin went out in the hall to confirm that’s what it was and didn’t see or smell any smoke. We grabbed our coats and essentials (phones, laptop, purse, etc) and went down the dozen or so flights of stairs. We found our way back to the main building and the fire trucks were already there.

We saw the firemen in the lobby. Not sure what happened, but after about 5 minutes, they left and everyone went back to their apartments. We didn’t really talk to anybody, besides- do you know what happened?- but there were more people our age here than we thought. Lots of students and younger people.

You might be asking if we brought our cat? Nope. Since we didn’t really think it was a real fire, we didn’t think that we needed to get her. But we felt guilty after we got downstairs and there were 2 people we saw with their cats. Whoops, guess we should have brought her in case it wasn’t a false alarm. Now we know. Hopefully we don’t hear that alarm anymore.

Forward to Friday morning. Erica got up and went to the 6:45AM yoga class for the first time. She braved the rain and got up early to make it. It was a good class and about half way into it, the fire alarm there starting going off. We had to leave. Boooo!

At least we got in about 30 minutes of class before it went off.

Guess we should be thankful that they were just false alarms and let’s hope they won’t be going off anytime soon again!



  1. Wow, what a time you’ve had with false alarms. (thank goodness, of course) At least the fire fighters were ‘johnny on the spot’. I’m with you–no more fire alarms forever!!!
    I’m having the February and March birthdays tomorrow. I’m having swiss steak, mashed potatoes, your spinach salad & pineapple upside down cake. Stacy is bringing deviled eggs and Cassondra is bringing Valentine brownies. We’ll certainly be missing you both!!
    hugs, Soni


  2. scary and I am sure you would like to know exactly what caused the alarm going off in your apartment. Ug.
    You deserve something special getting up that early for yoga! Bummer about the alarm though. What a way to start the day!! Hugs


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