boloco burritos and nutella milkshake

Yum! We tried out boloco’s (inspired burritos) on Friday evening. We walked down to Harvard Square while it was snowing. We were expecting rain, but we saw flakes! It was a nice 10-15 minute walk.

This place reminded us a little bit of Qdoba (similar to Chipotle’s), but they also have milkshakes and smoothies on the menu! YUM YUM!

It took us a little while to figure out what we wanted, but Erica knew she wanted to try the famous Nutella Milkshake.

Here is the burrito menu.

Erica went with the Classic Mexican with Chicken: tomato salsa, cilantro, melted cheese, pinto beans, boloco rice in a flour tortilla.

Benjamin got the Summer with Chicken: mango salsa, melted cheese, black beans, boloco rice in a flour tortilla.

We both got small burritos to have room for the Nutella Milkshake: creamy nutella, skim milk, non-fat frozen yogurt. We will definitely be back!

In preparation for this blog post, we did a little research and boloco stands for: Boston Local Company. It was started in Boston in 1997 and made some name changes along the way, but now have a dozen locations in Boston and have a few others in New England.

Taken from Wikipedia: They serve naturally-raised meats and chicken that are free of antibiotics and added growth hormones and either grass-fed or vegetarian fed. It also serves organic tofu and offers burritos in three sizes (Original, Small, and Mini). As part of their Certified Green status with the Green Restaurant Association (one of the first fast-casual chains in the US to gain such a distinction in 2007), they also removed all Styrofoam from all restaurants in 2008 and converted to corn-based smoothie cups and compostable bowls, among other things.


boloco Harvard Square
71 Mt Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

What would you have ordered?



  1. Looks awesome! I love that they have small portion sizes – I am usually quite satisfied w/ the kid’s portions at most restaurants but unfortunately the kid’s meals are usually unappetizing things like corn dogs, mac n’ cheese, etc. :p I love places where I can get “real” food but the smaller portion.


  2. I definitely approve of this place! And as far as what I would have ordered, it would have been difficult-the buffalo, bbq, thai and cajun all looked good!


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