Todays Facts About Boston

We checked out a book about Boston from the library, but when we got home we realized it was for students, but oh well!

Boston March 2010

The Book: The Unofficial Guide to Life in Boston 09-10 For Students

Some facts, Boston is/has:

  • Known as America’s Walking City. We agree, as long as the weather is nice, it’s easy to walk around and see lots of things and not realize that you’ve just walked 2 miles (like we did on Saturday going to the library and Harvard Square.
  • 381 years old. We’ve only read 8 pages in the book, but we’re already seen 4 mentions of “the nation’s first … ” being in Boston.
  • a metro population just shy of 4.5 million. This is the 10th largest in the US. According to Wikipedia, this was the 2000 census.
  • a large student (college) population: 300,000
  • Dunkin’ Donuts everywhere. We don’t have them back in Kentucky, so it was a shock to see them all over the place, but according to their website , there are 36 in a 1 mile radius of downtown Boston.

Does any of this surprise you yet?



  1. There are no Dunkin’ Donuts in Louisville? There used to be when I was in high school but if they’re gone, that’s fine w/ me b/c I like Krispy Kreme. 😉


  2. When I first moved here, I was surprised by all the Dunkin’ Donuts, too! Do NOT insult DD in Boston… people are very protective of their beloved iced coffees! 🙂

    Also, I haven’t had a car in the nearly 5 years that I’ve been living here! My cousin came to visit from Detroit, and I tired her out just doing my normal amount of walking…people in other big cities don’t walk nearly as much as us here (can you tell that I’m biased?)


    • Yes, we learned about the DD when we visited twice last year. We have a lot of local independent coffee shops in Louisville and it was so strange to see DD everywhere. Although Starbucks is everywhere back in Louisville.

      And yes, the walking takes a little while to get used to, but then you don’t even realize it- unless you have to carry a lot of stuff or it’s raining!


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