Erica’s Run to Boston

That’s right, I ran TO Boston. That’s only just over a mile away- but it sounded fun to say.

On Saturday (the day of Louisville’s Anthem 5K race), I went for a run in honor of my friends and co-workers running the race. Since I couldn’t join them, I wanted to make sure I got out to run!

I had run a few times outside, but stayed in Cambridge. I only run outside if it’s 32-34 or warmer, otherwise it has been the treadmill. So on Saturday, I waited until about noon for it to warm up and then I headed out. It is a straight shot down Massachusetts Avenue. I went by the Y, post office, T stop, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). There were lots of other runners out, which is always good motivation!

I have been running with the Nike+ app on my iPhone. It tracks your position and gives you updates on your pace and distance. You can’t tell from the picture, but the GPS stopped right before I started to cross the bridge. It’s not real easy to read it while running, but every .25 of a mile, it tells me the stats. I thought that it was taking a long time to go .25 but when I crossed the bridge to turn around, I looked down and it had given me a message about the GPS. I hit OK and it started up again. The music kept going, otherwise I would have figured it out sooner. But anyway, I ended up running about the 5K (3.12 miles) distance.

Harvard Bridge and Prudential Center

The picture above is of Harvard Bridge, looking toward Boston- I got it from Flickr- so we didn’t take it. On almost every single run outside here, I have wanted to take pictures- especially near the Charles River. Right now, there are chunks of ice it in. Some of the other runs were along the river and I could see gorgeous buildings. Once it warms up, I want to take our cameras over there to get some good pictures.

I also track my runs on the and it said that route was 3.15.



  1. I love your blog…..I bet you miss Kentucky…..Your uncle Dean is in the hospital now, but maybe we can get together when he gets home….We would love to show you around the North Shore…..Take care…..Warmer weather is coming and then you can see how beautiful the city can be


  2. I am so glad you had your run – I know you enjoy them and isn’t it nice to run with different things to look at. It looks beautiful. Way to go, honey. Hugs.


  3. Hi!! I’m back from visiting your Dad and Angela. Had the very best time, of course.
    And I get to see what you’ve been doing while I’ve been gone.

    You’re such a sweetheart .. running in honor of your friends and co-workers.

    It’s no wonder you want to take pictures of the Harvard Bridge-very impressive.

    Take care, hugs, Soni


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