We ordered our groceries online through Peapod.com

Erica was online Saturday morning and saw an ad for Peapod.com. It is an online grocery store where you order your groceries, pick a delivery date, and they delivery your groceries to you.

Peapod Delivers

Before moving, we had looked at them but the minimum order is $60. We kind of dismissed it, thinking maybe we’ll look back into it later.

After a few trips to the groceries stores, we always dreaded going to the store to buy big, heavy things like cat food, cat litter, milk, 2-liters, orange juice, canned goods. We were pretty good at only buying what we could carry- by getting little baskets instead of a big cart. But every time in the store, before putting things into the basket, we had to really think about it we needed it this week and if with everything else we still needed to get, could we carry it?

18.366:  Aisle of Delight

I clicked over to Peapod.com to do some searching and ended up spending over an hour putting together “a shopping list”. It quickly added up, but prices were comparable to Kroger. We started thinking that maybe we could do this every 2-4 weeks.

Peapod advertises that you can do your weekly shopping, monthly stock-up, or order your heavy items. Their website does say that the first shopping trip will take a little while, but that your second order will be faster because you can your 1st order as a shopping list if you want.

One of the other reasons why we were hesitant to use it was pricing. But after looking around for a while, most things were reasonable/comparable to other stores. They do put items on sale, have their own brand of groceries, and you can use coupons.

I went ahead a put a together an order with things we needed or thought we could use in the next few weeks- and things that wouldn’t go bad before using it up.

I found a coupon code for $15, added with a $5 coupon for first time orders. After that, we decided to go ahead and place an order. We were expected to get snow that night and the next morning, so it would work out well and we wouldn’t have to worry about going out. And they could deliver it the next day.

Fees, Pricing & Payment

Orders over $100.00: $6.95 delivery fee
Orders less than $100.00: $9.95 delivery fee
Minimum order amount is $60.00.

If you pay for your order by electronic check, you save $1 on every order.
Certain days have longer delivery windows available and you can save $2.

Delivery fee does not include the fuel surcharge.

Our order was around $95 with all the fees and discounts. I’ll work on a post that shows what we got!



  1. Makes alot of sense actually – at least trying it out and seeing how you like it. But I think you will – especially this time of year. Sounds good to me.
    By the way – Jeff. Girls Basketball team won state!!! We are thrilled – it’s the first time ever for the girls – Ft Wayne, In was where it was held and Jules was there.


  2. Peapod Grocery really sounds like a dream come true.
    Something like that would have a good customer base in every state.
    take care, hugs


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