Cambridge Facts

Today’s post is about Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge, MA: Walking along the Charles River

Cambridge is across the Charles River from Boston. I’ve seen it called ‘Boston’s “Left Bank.” The population is around 100,000. According to Wikipedia, it was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in England. Cambridge is home to both Harvard and MIT. Our apartment is right between these 2 universities. There are students everywhere, especially at restaurants.

The book I have been reading (The Unofficial Guide to Life in Boston 09-10 For Students) called Cambridge a bohemian city consisting of lots of squares. Examples are Kendall (where Benjamin’s office is), Central (7 minute walk Southeast), Harvard (10 minute walk Northwest), Porter (2 T-stops away), and Inman (haven’t been there YET but maybe 7 minutes away)

Cambridge is densely populated. I just looked at the stats and read that it is the FIFTH most densely populated city in the US. Wow, that is shocking! Going on, there isn’t a lot of big parks here. However there are open spaces near Harvard (Harvard Yard), MIT Great Lawn, and the Mount Auburn Cemetery. Again from Wikipedia:

At the western edge of Cambridge, the cemetery is well known as the first garden cemetery, for its distinguished inhabitants, for its superb landscaping (the oldest planned landscape in the country), and as a first-rate arboretum.

When it warms up and turns green outside, we’ll make trips to all 3 places.

Okay, some other somewhat random facts:

Cambridge is cooler than I thought!



  1. Hi, Very interesting. Kurt has a friend from church that got excepted at Harvard.
    He doesn’t get home very often. WE saw him atChristmas. Guess the two colleges being there close to you, could be the reason for so many eating places.


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