Busy Weekend Ahead

We have a busy weekend ahead and I thought we should post an update about it in case it’s Sunday or Monday before having the energy to do it!

Yesterday, Benjamin had a 7:30am flight to Austin, TX for a conference. We both were up by 5am. I decided the night before that getting up early and running would be a good idea. I did something crazy earlier in the week, I signed up to run the half marathon at the end of April in Louisville. I did it last year, but I haven’t been training. Last year, I started training in mid-January. I have a pretty intense training schedule for the next 7 weeks.

That also means that we’ll be coming back to Louisville for a visit at the end of April. Yay!

The Boston Celtics played last night and ended up losing. But I went out to pick up some Mediterranean carry out before it started. I went to a place called Moody’s Falafel Palace. Louisville also played basketball last night, but it didn’t start until almost 10pm. I was tired and they didn’t play good in the first half, so I went to bed at half time.

I woke up this morning and saw that the Cardinals went into overtime against Notre Dame and won! Wow! That means that they play again tonight!

I also looked at our weather forecast and it looks great:

What’s on tap for this weekend then?

Benjamin is at the conference until Tuesday, and today I am going with Tonya on a road trip. We’re going to start in Concord, MA and see where we go from there. In Concord is a museum and the Orchard House (home of Louisa May Alcott who wrote Little Women). I am also taking a real camera today so that I can get some good pictures!

On Sunday, I have the 5K race and I also need to get in an extra few miles. I haven’t decided whether to do it before or after the race. Depends on when I can go and pick up my t-shirt and race numbers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!





  1. Wow that is great ERica. Good luck on the race. Your weather a lot colder there. It has been wonderful here. Blue sky Fri & Sat in the 60’s


  2. I’m thinking of you and your race today – hope things go as you would like. Exciting that you will race here too. You have to know that we are proud of you. Hugs


  3. i’m sure you did very well on your race!!!
    However, I’m excited about you coming the end of April!! Remember transportation around the Derby though.
    Take care,


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