Sunday Group Run with RunBoston

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the group run, but I didn’t want to forget about posting it.

I have been using to find groups of meet ups. I saw a group called RunBoston Group Run at Harvard Square Tommy Doyles and saw that they do a weekly Sunday run and meet not too far from here. And they go to bunch afterward. How cool is that?

The day before, we walked by Tommy Doyles so that I would know where it was.

So on Sunday morning, we left around 9:30 and walked to Harvard Squared. Benjamin went to a coffee shop while I ran, but I got a picture of the open area before the run:

I went back to Tommy Doyles and our group leader Jenny showed up (who took the picture below), followed by the 3 other runners:
RunBoston Group March 6

We went for a 3 mile run to the river and back! It was great to be out there with others and I could ask other people questions about running in Boston and just things about Boston in general. I’ll be back for another run! I wasn’t able to stay for bunch, but maybe next time!

It is led by RunBoston who does group running tours of downtown Boston, check them out!



  1. Terrific – has to be nice running with others – and finding out a little bit more about Boston. Looks like a pretty place there. Hugs


  2. I love the colorful housing in Boston. And it’s so nice you can ask other people questions about Boston while you’re running with them. You all never seem to meet a stranger (that wonderful!!!)


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