Lacrosse, Jamaica Plain, Plymouth, and Boston: A busy week and weekend

Wow, another week is gone! We’ve been here 2 months. This week and weekend were busy, but we wanted to post a quick update of the highlights and post a few pictures. Getting posts written about most of these will be a goal for this week!

Tuesday- Harvard vs. UMass Lacrosse
Trip to Harvard for Lacrosse

Wednesday- Erica had dinner with Tonya and Miss M at Sweet Chili Thai restaurant. One word: yum! Shrimp Pad Thai.

Friday- Dinner at the Purple Cactus, The Footlight production of Rent, and ice cream at J.P. Licks.

Saturday- Rented a car, drove by Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots play, went to outlet stores in Wrentham, went to Plymouth and saw the rock and the Mayflower 2, and did some shopping before coming back.

Trip to Plymouth, MA

Trip to Plymouth, MA

Sunday- Erica did most of her long weekly run, then ran and had brunch with the RunBoston group, and then we went to Boston on the train and walked home along the river and walked through some of the MIT buildings.

Baseball has started. The Red Sox didn’t get a good start, 0-3 after today. Erica got a baseball cap on Saturday.

The end of the NBA regular season is almost here and we’ve been following the Celtics- just about every game- probably 4 each week. The playoffs will follow and we hope they do well!! Go Celtics!



  1. I am always amazed at how small the Mayflower is – it’s hard to imagine it crossing the ocean.
    I love the pictures – thanks for sharing. Hugs.


  2. I’ve never watched a Lacrosse game-is it easy to follow?
    I love Thai cooking; the noodles are always wonderful.
    You both stay so busy–I love it. I get to see fantastic stuff and never leave my home!!!! Thank You!!1


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