Another Run with RunBoston at Tommy Doyle’s

Erica ran again with the RunBoston group on Sunday. She’s training for the half marathon at the end of April, so the weekends have a long run scheduled- currently up to 9 miles. The group normally runs 3 miles, so she left early and got 6.5 miles in before meeting up with the group.


There were new faces from the last meet-up, so I got to talk to more locals and learned about the city and the upcoming Boston Marathon (less than 2 weeks now). We had about a dozen run with us and then 10 stayed for brunch at Tommy Doyle’s.


I got the American Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, potatoes, wheat toast, sausage, bacon, and a piece of french toast!


I was hungry and it was GOOD!




  1. Hi, another thing nice about running is the fact you can eat a lot and not gain weight.
    That would be a very great thing. Love you.


  2. I am just thinking of all that running and how strong your legs must be. I tried a yoga class today and it sure was not as easy as it looks in the movies – and I certainly wasn’t graceful. My knees don’t seem to bend like they are supposed to – as well as some other stuff. Hugs


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