The Purple Cactus, Footlight Club, and J.P. Licks

On April 1st, we went to an area called Jamaica Plain. Erica had received an offer for free tickets to a performance of Rent from the Boston Insider, a website that posts events in Boston.

We had been in the area the week before, so we were familiar with it and decided to go to J.P. for dinner before the play. We had seen a place called The Purple Cactus and wanted to go there. From what we could tell, it’s the only location. They serve burritos, wraps, nachos, and salads.

Here’s a picture of the chicken nachos, but all I could see was the lettuce:


Below the lettuce layer was melted cheese and chicken:

Then we went to The Footlight Club to pick up our tickets for Rent. We learned that The Footlight Club is America’s oldest community theatre and has had a performance every year since 1877.

The Lobby:

The website says that it is a training ground for theater professionals from throughout the Boston area.


The lobby was downstairs and we walked up the old, wide staircase to enter a large room.

The Stage:

The Seats:

We didn’t know much about the story of Rent, but it was fun to watch. It was a musical, so there was lots of singing.

After the play, we went to J.P. Licks. It is a local chain (8 locations) and we first found them when we visited Boston last March. They are known for their ice cream, but they also roast their own coffee. I like that the logo is a cow- hence the “licks” in the name. The J.P. in the name is for Jamaica Plain, which is where the first J.P. Licks started.

Chocolate Ice cream

They also are very artsy in their deco. The location in Harvard Square is the one that we have been to several times. The walls are covered in fake grass. Ill have to take a picture the next time we’re there.



  1. Wow, I’m finally current with you both. Loved all the stuff about the Footlight Club (and the pictures, of course) Also enjoyed the name J P Licks (I just knew it was ice cream too)
    Thanks so much for all the pictures as well as the commentary.


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