Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain

After the Samuel Adam’s Tour, we went to Doyle’s Cafe. You can easily take the trolley there, so I recommend it. We though the trolley was a joke (as told by our tour guide), but once we got to the restaurant, we saw half of the others from the tour at the cafe.

Doyle's - Jamaica Plain, MA

Doyle’s is where Samuel Adams Boston Lager was first put on tap. According to it’s Wikipedia page, Doyle’s Cafe opened in 1882.


We both got pancakes. Erica opted for the strawberry- but we swapped midway.
March 2011

We’ve never seen pancakes like this-look close! The strawberries are actually little slices in the top of the pancakes! Super cute and very good tasting!!!
March 2011

This place was old. Look at the worn-out floor:
March 2011

March 2011

Doyle’s Cafe: The best pancakes ever!! Get the strawberry ones!

March 2011



  1. Wow, I bet you both go back to that restaurant again!!! Eat a strawberry pancake for me too.
    I love your blog–please keep up the wonderful work you’re doing.


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