Fenway Opening Day, Lexington, Cupcake Camp, and the Barking Crab

March 2011

This post is way overdue, sorry! It’s going to be a re-cap post and hopefully inspiration and motivation to do more over the next few days.

Monday is the Boston Marathon and we have been wanting to do multiple posts on it, but never have- YET! Erica is taking off work on Monday to go see it, so we should have a lot to report back and hopefully some pictures!

April 2- Trip to Plymouth, we still never got around to doing a post on it.

April 3- Train into Boston, around the Common, had the Upper Crust (pizza) for lunch and back to Cambridge, along the river and MIT (lots of pictures that day)

Walk from Boston to Cambridge

April 4- Dinner at the Boston Burger Company:
April 2011

April 8- It was Opening Day at Fenway Park for the Red Socks- a major event. A post about this is also way overdue. They have had an awful start to the season. I took some pictures of the ceremony first pitch:

April 2011

We also went to Toscanini’s for ice cream after dinner at home.

April 9- Trip to Lexington, Mass. We took the T and then a 25 minute bus ride to Lexington for the day.

Trip to Lexington, Mass

We also took pictures around our neighborhood that day because it was so nice outside and we went out for pizza at Cinderella’s for dinner:


April 10- Erica did her longest training run (10) for the upcoming half marathon:

April 2011

and then went to an ice cream event at Taza, a local chocolate factory.

Taza Chocolate

And walked through an area called Inman Square, saw a costume shop and stopped at a bakery one of the best oatmeal raisin cookies ever.

April 11- Dinner with Tonya and Miss M at Patou Thai (a Thai Restaurant) and then had ice cream!

April 2011

April 13- CupcakeCamp Boston. This was so neat. Erica volunteered and took pictures!

Cupcake Camp

View from the top:
Cupcake Camp

April 15- Went to the Barking Crab restaurant in Boston and went to the Prudential Center to look around (tried 3D TV, Barnes and Noble, and hot chocolate)

April 2011

Today (April 16)- We’re going into Boston for the day. The plan is go to the Boston Marathon Running Expo and for Erica to pick up her race packet for the 5K on Sunday. The forecast is for rain tomorrow, so it will be interesting.

We are also going to the Boston Sports Museum and maybe to see some sights in the northern part of the city called Charleston. The sun is shining right now, but the high of the day is supposed to be 48, so not sure how much we’ll do since most of that is outside- besides the museum and expo!

Have a great weekend! We hope to have some more posts up over the next few days and the coming week!



  1. You had quite the fun-filled week! It was so nice meeting you at CupcakeCamp and thank you so much for the gorgeous photographs. You are quite talented with a camera. Hope to see you soon!


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