Marathon Monday

Today is the 115th Boston Marathon. 26,895 people have registered to run the 26.2 mile course.

Boston Maratho Expo

Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s best-known road racing events.

Boston Maratho Expo

The first was on April 19, 1897 and had 18 runners and only 10 finishers.

Around half a million spectators will line the course- including us this year!

Boston Maratho Expo

You have to quality to run in Boston at another marathon or run in the Charity Program. The Boston Marathon Charity Program enables selected charitable organizations to raise millions of dollars for worthwhile causes. In 2009, approximately 1,200 participants, representing 24 charities, raised more than $10.5 million.


Boston Maratho Expo

We went to the expo on Saturday and again on Sunday and took these pictures!

Boston Maratho Expo

From 1897-1968, the Boston Marathon was held on Patriots’ Day, April 19, a holiday for the start of the Revolutionary War and recognized only in Massachusetts and Maine. The lone exception was when the 19th fell on Sunday. In those years, the race was held the following day (Monday the 20th). However, in 1969, the holiday was officially moved to the third Monday in April. Since 1969 the race has been held on a Monday.

Last year, over $800,000 is prize money was at stake.

It is the Second Largest Single Day Sporting Event: In terms of on-site media coverage, the Boston Marathon ranks behind only the Super Bowl as the largest single day sporting event in the world.

Good Luck to all the runners this morning!!


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  1. It was great to meet you this weekend! I love all the facts in this post, its great to learn more about the history of the race. Amazing how its grown from 18 runners to over 26,000 – wow!!


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