Plymouth Rock: Maybe from 1620, just maybe

Trip to Plymouth, MA

We saw our first sign for Cape Cod on the way to Plymouth


Plymouth was the site of the colony founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims, passengers of the famous ship the Mayflower.

We started by eating lunch at the Cornerstone Cafe:
Trip to Plymouth, MA

Grilled Cheese and Bacon:

The cafe was a block from the bay, here’s the street we walked down (you can see the water at the end):

Trip to Plymouth, MA

This was a neat windvane:
Trip to Plymouth, MA

House along the street:
Trip to Plymouth, MA

Okay, on to the rock!!

The rock is the “site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620.”

The portico covering the rock was built in 1920.

Trip to Plymouth, MA

Okay, this is funny. We just looked up the history of the rock itself and it really puts doubts into it. Here’s what someone wrote:

The first written reference to the Pilgrims landing on a rock is found 121 years after they landed. The Rock, or one traditionally identified as it, has long been memorialized on the shore of Plymouth Harbor in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Oh well, we still had to see it!

Trip to Plymouth, MA

It looks like sand underneath it, but it’s not! We think it was concrete.

Trip to Plymouth, MA

Erica in front of the rock:
Trip to Plymouth, MA

Benjamin and the rock:
Trip to Plymouth, MA

A beatiful day:
Trip to Plymouth, MA

Trip to Plymouth, MA

Trip to Plymouth, MA

To see all of the pictures from Plymouth, visit this page on Flickr.



  1. haha I remember seeing Plymouth Rock on my 8th grade trip to Boston… everyone was so excited to see it and then pretty disappointed that it was just a big boring rock! lol I don’t know what we were expecting!


  2. This is history coming to life. Thank you for showing this.
    Loved Flickr too!!!! Benjamin, please continue to have Erica take pictures of you too. It’s great to see both of you!!!


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