Boston Burger Company, worth the wait

Before we moved to Boston, I subscribed to as many “deal” sites that I could. Groupon, Living Social, Buy with Me, etc. In mid-January, offered a $20 voucher for $10 toward Boston Burger Company in Davis Square.

April 2011

We printed out the voucher and brought it with us. We waited and waited, and finally remembered it the day before it expired, so we went on a weekday night.

It is a small place, but when we showed up there was a wait. That was fine, but they didn’t tell us how much it was. But after 30 minutes, it got a little ridicoulus. Erica absolutely hates to wait for anything, much less food. It was also a very narrow place to stand and lots of people came in and either had their name written down or ordered take out.

But finally, we were seated. We had studied their menu to we knew what we wanted and ordered quickly. We took some pictures because you wouldn’t have believed us otherwise with some of their burgers.

Mac Attack- burger with 4 cheese macaroni and cheese and bacon. Erica was tempted to order this one.

Artery Clogger- deep fried, beer battered burger topped with bacon, cheese. Erica thought of her co-worker Josh when she read that one!!

April 2011

And the other unique one:
The King- peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas.

April 2011

We ordered the fried pickles. YUM! We are always curious how the pickles are going to be sliced- chips, spears, or flat slices. They had a kick to them. I can’t remember if it was the pickles (batter) themselves or the sauce. They were good!

April 2011

Erica had the chicken parm sandwich with baked beans. She’s not really a burger person!

April 2011

Benjamin had the original burger with cole slaw:
April 2011

Boston Burger Company was worth the wait! It is a small place, but about half the people had the Buy With Me voucher and they were also running another fundraising event that night. The waitstaff was awesome and friendly. They were quick (once we got seated) and the food was good!


  1. the fried pickles looked sooo good. I really love them. Makes me want to go to Texas road house and get some tonight. First time I ever even heard of them was at the Look Out in Indiana. We were with Ray Story and Sue. Ray ordered them and we all shared.


  2. I’d love to try one of their special burgers!!!! However, I’d only order the pickles if I could share them. I’m glad you enjoyed eating there!!!


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