Buckman Tavern, Lexington, Mass

Our second stop in Lexington was Buckman Tavern.

Trip to Lexington, Mass

The Buckman Tavern was built around 1710 and in the early hours of April 19, 1775, several dozen minutemen gathered to await the arrival of the British expedition in Lexington. Remember from the previous post, where the Redcoats were coming to Concord to get their supplies?

Word had traveled via Revere and Dawes that the British troops were coming. The bell from the Belfry alarmed the townspeople.

Trip to Lexington, Mass

Captain Parker’s company of minutemen left the security of John Buckman’s tavern to assemble in two long lines on the common where the infamous first shot was fired.

Trip to Lexington, Mass

Buckman Tavern was also one of Lexington’s busiest eighteenth century tavern. We were the only people for the 11 o’clock tour, so again we got a private tour. Again, no pictures were allowed inside, but in the 1920’s, it was restored by the Lexington Historical Society to what it would have looked like in 1775. It was amazing. We really felt like we stepped back in time.

Buckman Tavern

The main room was the tavern with a huge 7 foot wide fireplace and a bar. Around the back was a kitchen for Mrs. Buckman and the owner’s room, and then another room downstairs. Upstairs were guestrooms. We tried to find pictures of the inside online and couldn’t. Bummer, oh well! You’ll have to go for yourself and see the history!


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