Midnight Ride Sandwich

During our visit to Lexington, after seeing the Hancock-Clarke house and Buckman Tavern, it was time for lunch.

We found Avenue Deli on Massachusetts Ave. We thought it might be the same Mass Ave. that we live on.  I just looked it up and it is. It’s 9 miles away, but it’s the same Mass Ave.

They had some interesting names for some of their sandwiches.

Trip to Lexington, Mass

Battle Green:

April 2011

Midnight Ride:

April 2011

The sandwiches were good, they used the Boar’s Head brand and the pickle was included! A great lunch, exactly what we wanted! Sometimes you find these types of places and it’s neat when you do!

A visit back to the street and a lot of the buildings had flag bunting!

Trip to Lexington, Mass

Here’s another picture of the main street, Mass Ave:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

The Visitors Center:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

Cute building:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

Now to see the Battle Green.


  1. I’m ready to eat the Thanksgiving Turkey sandwich!! It sounded wonderful!

    I also love the street where you live!! the houses are so interesting.

    Take car, lots of hugs,


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