Lexington Battle Green

It was here on the Lexington Green, in the morning of April 19, 1775, that “the first blood was spilt in the dispute with Great Britain,” as George Washington wrote in his diary. From LibertyRide.Us

Picture of the Green:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

The “Battle Green”
Trip to Lexington, Mass

Below is the Revolutionary Monument. It was completed on July 4, 1799 in the memory of the 8 local militiamen who were killed at the start of the American Revolution when the British soldiers opened fire after that “first shot”:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

Closer picture of the monument:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

At the corner of the Green is the Minute Man Statue (built 1899-1900):
Trip to Lexington, Mass

Here is a closer view:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

These pretty flowers (lupine maybe?) were in the flower box in front of the statue:
Trip to Lexington, Mass

In case you missed the other posts about Lexington:
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