Taza Chocolate and batch Ice Cream

A few weeks ago Erica went to the Taza Chocolate Factory for a special ice cream event!

Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate and batch Ice Cream– a match made in heaven! From a tip from my brother, I headed to the Taza Chocolate company’s factory in Somerville. It’s just a mile from Cambridge.

Taza is a small bean-to-bar chocolate maker, and is the only producer in the US of 100% stone ground, organic chocolate. They roast, grind, temper, and mold their chocolate by hand. They use exclusively organic and sustainable ingredients to craft their chocolate.

batch makes ice cream using local, fair trade, organic (when possible) ingredients! They make it from scratch! They don’t use artificial flavoring, but actual vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and their own handmade caramel. Everything is natural and is free from artificial flavors, artificial colors, and stabilizers.

So what was the event? batch brought their ice cream and then Taza topped the ice cream with chocolate!!

So I get there and look what I see, ekkkk!
Taza Chocolate

Will they run out?!?! The line moved pretty fast and then they brought samples of Taza chocolate to people waiting in line, how nice?!?!

Taza Chocolate

And several types:
Taza Chocolate

Okay, I finally made it to the front of the line:
Taza Chocolate

Here was my ice cream, the coffee:
Taza Chocolate

They also brought vanilla bean. I loved the slogans on the tops: “Eat Local” and “Made in J.P. Baby.” Do you remember what J.P. stands for? Jamaica Plain!

I got chocolate sauce and cocoa nibs on mine:
Taza Chocolate

After eating my yummy ice cream, I went inside the store:

Taza Chocolate

Chocolate Bars:
Taza Chocolate

They had LOTS and LOTS of samples:
Taza Chocolate

The most popular items were the Mexican chocolate discs and they had lots of flavors:
Taza Chocolate

Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange, Salt & Pepper, and Vanilla Bean were the ones that I tried. I said they had lots of samples!!

If anyones comes to visit, we can go there! It’s just a 20 minute walk or short bus ride away and we can take a tour!!




  1. Sounds like a place I would love to tour. Hint: Great Christmas idea for Cassondra. She is a dark chocolate lover. 🙂


  2. Sounds wonderful – I can almost taste it. Is there anything better than chocolate? – and homemade caramel sure sounded good. hugs.


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