Kentucky Derby Festival Mini (Half) Marathon 2011

  by thomasglobal
, a photo by thomasglobal on Flickr.

Just wanted to share this picture and provide a quick update!

I ran the mini (13.1 miles) this morning in Louisville. It was a gorgeous day, at 7:30am it was 52 and on the way back to the car it was 62. I felt pretty good during the race and shaved 12 minutes off my time last year, although this course was different and had no hills.



  1. WOW!!! You look very happy!! I thought you’d be determined looking–just shows you what I know. I’m so glad you’re here–really looking forward to seeing you Wednesday at Pam’s.
    Take care,


    • uhh, I hope that was a joke Lauren!! haha! Did you read the name of the race- Heartbreak Hill? Sounds like torture! I’m not even sure how to train for back to back races!


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