Visit to Kentucky- Back to the office, race packet pick up, and family dinner

Most of the readers of the blog are in Kentucky and we’ve seen lots of family over the last week, but we’ve done a lot and taken several pictures, so I wanted to post some updates:

We arrived late Wednesday night and Erica went to work on Thursday. It quickly seemed like old times and it was great to see everyone. We had a team lunch (forgot to take a picture) and then an after-work event for a co-worker (Natalie) who is moving to Alaska!

I also went to the KY Derby Festival Race Expo to pick up my race packet for Saturday:

You look for your name on the big list, and then tell your number to the volunteers to pick up your bib (that’s the paper number that you wear and has a tracking mechanism on the back) and your t-shirt.

Just before leaving downtown, we saw a rainbow:

We drove to Elizabethtown to visit Benjamin’s family:

Kay hosted a wonderful dinner with lasagna! And Missy made her famous cheesecake! Erica brought leftover brownies to work on Monday and they were gone quick! People said they were the richest brownies ever!! It was great to see family!



  1. BBC was so fun! I’m a bit sad to be leaving all my wonderful coworkers! But, Alaska will be an adventure for sure!! I’ll make sure I send you pictures when I get there!


  2. WOW!!! You all stay so very busy doing everything!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us!!!


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