Traveling back to Boston

I’m currently in the Cincy/Covington airport terminal waiting for my flight to Boston.

I’m reminded that while I love traveling, the actual traveling is not very fun. Figuring out what time to get to the airport and how you’re going to get their, how much time you have to make your connecting flight, where and when you’re going to eat, and lugging all your stuff around. Traveling by yourself is more difficult too with having to take everything with you at all times. The positive is that this airport has a Chick-fil-a and I recently discovered that I like it- so I got a kid’s meal and it was perfect!

My flight is leaving an hour and 20 minutes later than scheduled, but it gave me time to get dinner!

I estimate that I’ll make it home around midnight- ugggg!



  1. Yeah, traveling alone can be very tricky! I traveled a few times w/ just Eamon when he was an infant, which is even worse than traveling by yourself. Just try to cram all your stuff and a baby’s stuff in a carry-on or two and then go to the bathroom w/ putting any of it on the floor! 😉 I had this whole system where I would put him in a baby carrier on my chest just so I could go to the bathroom in the airport between flights and hang the bag off the back of the door. I’ll never forget when a lady offered to hold him for me while I went to the bathroom. I’m sure she was very nice but I don’t leave my carry-ons alone w/ strangers in the airport so I’m certainly not going to do that w/ my baby! 😉 And even back then TSA officials would look inside his clothing for drugs or explosives… Yeah, you’re right – as fun as it is to go new places, getting there is another story! 😉


  2. Some of your problems (concerns) are because you must transfer planes. I love going to Phoenix because (almost all of the time) I have a straight thru flight. It’s so much easier on me.
    Thank you so much for coming back to Louisville for your visit. It really was wonderful eating supper with you.
    lots and lots of hugs,


  3. I used to love airports and travelling but they are taking all the fun and adventuring out of it seem like. Thank goodness for humor. And it is fun watching the people.
    It was great seeing you. I really appreciate how you share with us. Hugs and God bless


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