Rocky’s, Iced Tea, and Ice Cream

I’m back in Boston, but still need to post some re-caps of my visit back to Kentucky.

Dinner with family at Rocky’s in Jeffersonvillle


It was great to see everyone. Julianna got recently gotten her braces off! I got to talk to Cassondra about school and voluteering.

The next evening (after a busy day at work and visit to Hubers), I got to have dinner with Lynn. She was who I trained with for last year’s mini and a few races after that. She’s been nursing an injury, but is determined to get back out there!!

Visit Home

We met at Cheddar’s in Clarksville. She got me to try the flavored (I tried strawberry) iced tea and it was really good!

The next day was a friend/co-worker’s last day at Humana- Natalie. I miss you already! She’s moving to Alaska. I’ve already started researching a visit there! We had a get together earlier in my visita, in case you missed that post.
We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then to Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen.

Here’s our ice cream:
Visit Home

That’s it for now. I’ve still got Derby and Mother’s Day, then I’m caught up for the visit back, but still need to catch up on other things from before the trip.



  1. You took a excellent picture of us @ Rocky’s!!!!! It really was wonderful being with you then.
    Hope it works out you can visit your former co-worker in Alaska!!! That would be neat!!!!


  2. Oh, I would love your blog from Alaska – fantastic – I am looking forward to it already.
    It was a nice dinner – how many lovely restaurants you got to visit. All that wonderful food.


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