En route to Louisville

I’m (it’s Erica) currently en route to Louisville for a visit. I’m taking a summer class- my last class for my Masters program. The course lasts 6 weeks or so, so that means it will be a long visit. I’ll be going back to the office and also having class 2 nights a week.

I’m on the plane in Baltimore that took me from Boston and it will be leaving again in 25 minutes to go to Louisville. There aren’t any direct non-stop flights Boston to/from Louisville, but Southwest has recently started these 1 stop with no connection flights and I think it works out well- no worrying about missing your connection.

Hope to see a lot of you soon- over the couple of next weeks!!



  1. Really looking forward to seeing you often!!!! Will Benjamin also be coming for your anniversary Tuesday? Or, I imagine you’ve already selebrated it early. Hopefully, he’ll be able to visit us often while you’re here.
    I’ve been painting for the Ky State Fair and only have one house left to complete. I’ll only enter 2 catagories this time.


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