Give me your water, oh yea, please

After we girls went on the Duck Tour, we met up with the guys and saw Harvard and walked to our apartment.

Miffy wanted Kay’s water:

We decided that we wanted pizza for dinner. We headed toward Beacon Hill to do a little sightseeing and also stop at Upper Crust, a local pizza place. I wanted to take them to see Acorn Street. I went earlier in the year, but the flowers were in bloom yet.

The neighborhood of Beacon Hill is just gorgeous.


The houses are Federals-style row houses. I love the window-flower boxes:


So pretty!



  1. Yes, these pictures are beautiful!!! Love the window boxes too. And Miffy really seemed to be serious about that water!


  2. Loved the neighborhood pictures. They look old but so very well kept. Brick sidewalks and the streets look cobbled?


    • Yes, there are lots of brick sidewalks in this part of town and also closer to ours- just off the main streets. And yes, this road is cobbled, but it’s very, very narrow- not for cars.


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