Boston Bruins Victory Parade

Waaay back in June, Rick and Kay came to visit us. On Saturday June 18th, there was a parade to celebrate the Stanley Cup Champions: the Boston Bruins. That’s ice hockey!

Bruins Victory Parade

We planned to see the parade in the morning and spend the afternoon on the Freedom Trail. We weren’t sure the best place to view the parade, but the route went right by Rick and Kay’s hotel, so that’s where we scoped out a spot- but first, Kay wanted a Championship shirt

Bruins Victory Parade

At first, it was pretty calm outside:
Bruins Victory Parade

View from the Parker House hotel:
Bruins Victory Parade

And then we went out into the crowd, which got more crowded every minute:
Bruins Victory Parade

The parade consisted of 18 duck boats with the players/coaches. Here was what we saw:

Bruins Victory Parade

That’s the Stanley Cup in silver:

Bruins Victory Parade

And then confetti fell:
Bruins Victory Parade

And then we saw the Stanley Cup again, and we thought- what the heck? But later on TV, we watched the end of the parade, and there was only 1 trophy, but people ran it from duck boat to duck boat so that different players could hold up the Stanley Cup:
Bruins Victory Parade

To put it in nice words, it was very crowded and we got squashed.. and we saw other people get squashed. It was the most crowded place I’ve ever been, but everyone survived and that is good! It was quite an experience! But we were glad we got to see it!



  1. We got up sooo early to go to the parade and stake out a spot. Had such a great time. The highlight for me was seeing Timmy Thomas so close up! Such a great experience.


  2. WOW!! That was really something!! A great parade!! And very thoughtful for the players too. Sorry you all got so squashed!!
    Take care, hugs,


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