The Boston Creme Pie

The Boston Creme Pie was created at Boston’s Parker House Hotel. I finally got a chance to try it out in June with Kay!

Boston Creme Pie
It’s not a pie, it’s a round cake that is layered with custard/pastry filling and then frosted with chocolate and has toasted almonds. It also had a white swirl of icing.

Boston Creme Pie

Here’s the recipe

You can purchase individual cakes. They are about the size of a large cupcake/muffin and come in a transportable plastic container.

Boston Creme Pie

I do have to say that it was really good. A family member of mine (hi Soni) makes a wonderful Boston Creme Pie and they both were good- but I have to say that Soni’s chocolate icing was much better!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I’m in a BLOG!! Thank you for your wonderful comments!!! I’ll give you the recipe anytime. (their Boston Creme Pie is very pretty)


  2. I’ve messed up your blog!!! I don’t know how I did this! Sorry.
    I’m really tickled to be included in your BLOG. Thank you so much. I’ll be glad to give you the recipe anytime.


  3. I have eaten it there when Rhonda & I had gone on one of our trips. I loved it & always wanted more of the Boston Cream Pie. Boston is a very neat place .


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