A 3-Hour Whale Watching Tour

Back in June, we went on a 3 hour whale watching tour with Boston Harbor Cruises.

Whale Watching

Leaving Boston
Whale Watching

Further away from the city:
Whale Watching

A neat ship:
Whale Watching

We passed by lighthouses:
Whale Watching

And you just look for things! Is that one?!?
Whale Watching

If anything was at the front of the boat and you weren’t up there, this is what you saw:
Whale Watching

Our first spotting. Do you still the water from the blowholes?
Whale Watching

A Minke whale:
Whale Watching

A big group of them:
Whale Watching

Mouths are open:
Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Another group:
Whale Watching

One of them is waving:
Whale Watching

It was an awesome experience! Here’s a link to all the pictures!


5 thoughts on “A 3-Hour Whale Watching Tour

  1. Soni

    Oh my goodness!!! You have the most awesome pictures of these whales!!!!! I can see how it would be a fantastic experience!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!!


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