Roadtrip to Portland

Last month, we took a weekend road trip to Portland, Maine. It’s about 100 miles North of Boston.
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We hit a few little traffic snafus on the way – got stuck in construction traffic on a bridge (I thought about my friend Rebecca who hates driving across bridges), missed the exit for Portsmouth, tried to drive back to Portsmouth but hit a detour for a bridge being worked on), and was going to circle back around but saw a major traffic backup on the other side of the expressway and decided to visit Portland first, and then Portsmouth on the way back to Boston. Long story, but that’s how we ended up visiting Maine before New Hampshire.

Our first trip to Maine:

I had to get a picture with the moose:

Besides the rest stop, our first stop was Freeport, home of L. L. Bean and other shopping places:


See saw kayaks and canoes everywhere:

The L. L. Bean store was huge:


Me outside the main store:

I loved the Banana Republic store. It was an old house. You couldn’t tell from the inside. In fact, when we came out – I had forgotten that we went into the brick house.


We hopped back into the car (after getting a voicemail from the hotel that our room wasn’t available and that they were putting us up for free in another hotel down the street- wahoooo):


We arrived in downtown Portland and walked toward the pier to watch the activity.

Maine and New Hampshire

There were kids and adults fishing off the pier- with what seemed like fish guts as bait….. yuck!
Maine and New Hampshire

There was a huge cruise ship docked:
Maine and New Hampshire

The other side of the pier (the small boat had docked by then):
Maine and New Hampshire

There was a place to buy fresh seafood. Here were the lobster tanks:
Maine and New Hampshire

Maine and New Hampshire

And it was time for lunch:
Maine and New Hampshire

We stopped at Three Dollar Dewey’s. I got the clam chowder and a salad:

Maine and New Hampshire

Benjamin got a BLT sandwich:
Maine and New Hampshire

And I always like to take dramatic “after” photos:

I loved this vines on this restaurant:
Maine and New Hampshire

View of the main street:
Maine and New Hampshire

Tourist stuff:
Maine and New Hampshire

We had seen most of the area so we looked at the map and saw that Fort Williams Park was just a few minutes drive away!



  1. Loved these pictures!!!! You both take such wonderful ‘shots’!!!! And, of course, you had to have your picture taken with the 30 foot waterproof boot!!! I love doing stuff like that!!! Loved the food too (even after the meal was over)


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