More of the coast of Maine, including the Lobster Shack

From Cape Elizabeth, we drove to an area called 2 Lights and this was Dyer Cove:
Maine and New Hampshire

Another angle:
Maine and New Hampshire

1 of the two lighthouses at Two Lights:
Maine and New Hampshire

While researching for the trip, I came across a blog post at Free Food Boston about the Lobster Shack.

We ended up right at that place and we didn’t even know it. It was right at Dyer Cove.

The parking lot and walk to the restaurant:
Maine and New Hampshire

It was a little shack:
Maine and New Hampshire

And a long line:
Maine and New Hampshire

It’s right on the coast- but there were lots of rocks!

Maine and New Hampshire

A view looking back at the Lobster Shack:
Maine and New Hampshire

We did a little bit of climbing (walking) on the rocks:
Maine and New Hampshire

The sun was starting to set


The cruise ship in the distance that was docked at the Portland Pier earlier in the day:


One of my favorite pictures:
Maine and New Hampshire

We didn’t want to wait in that long line, so we got back to the car and drove a while to get back to town. It was a full moon and we had to stop to get a picture:
Maine and New Hampshire

Our hotel room (suite) that got comped because they had to move us from another hotel!



  1. Loved the Lobster Shack’s view–the rocks, the beautiful people (you both, of course)and loved the moon too!!! It was hugh!!!
    That motel room was wonderful–I’ve never seen such a wonderful, real kitchen like that!!
    lots of hugs,


  2. The pictures are exquisite – so beautiful. The one of you and Ben framed would make a wonderful Christmas gift – hint.
    I can’t get over the contrasts of sky, water, rocks, shadows. Hugs


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