Afternoon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

After spending the morning walking around the old buildings in Portsmouth, New Hampshire- we were ready for lunch. But first, we walked near the Memorial Bridge, in honor of Sailors and Soldiers of New Hampshire who participated in the World War 1917-1919.

Maine and New Hampshire

This bridge was being renovated and was the bridge we tried to cross the previous day when we crossed into Maine by accident.

Maine and New Hampshire

We walked back to the main streets of downtown Portsmouth, and went through an alleyway:
Maine and New Hampshire

We had gotten a recommendation to eat at the Portsmouth Brewery:
Maine and New Hampshire

They are celebrating 20 years of being a brewpub:
Maine and New Hampshire

We both got the corn chowder and salad- with a pretzel roll:
Maine and New Hampshire

And the after picture:
Maine and New Hampshire

If you couldn’t tell, it was awesome. Best corn chowder ever!

This place was really neat- I highly recommend it!

The door to the ladies’ room- it’s made from one of the drums they use in the brewery:
Maine and New Hampshire

Picture of the interior:
Maine and New Hampshire

I loved the ceiling… and King Henry VIII overlooking the bar:
Maine and New Hampshire

This was a great city!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with all of us!!! You make me feel like I’m almost there!!!! Loved the bridge as well as the food and atmosphere!!!!
    lots of hugs,


  2. What a neat place – and the food looked wonderful but of course, it had to be – that before and after picture was great.


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