Singing Beach at Manchester-by-the-Sea

Singing Beach

Back in August, (yes, I am still that behind) we took the commuter train from North Station in Boston to the town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. Our destination was Singing Beach.

Singing Beach

It was about 45 minutes North of Boston. Then it was about a half mile walk from the town to the beach.
Singing Beach

Why is it called Singing Beach? It has to do with the sound that the sand can make sometimes.

They had a walk way leading up to table with this sign. I knew that they charged for entry and I’ve heard of beaches doing that, but it was a little strange. But it was managed, had restrooms, sand wash-off areas, and a snack-shack.

Our first stop was the snack-shack and they had this sign posted – and for good reason.
Singing Beach

I thought it was cute that they used sand buckets for organizing the salt, pepper, relish, sugar, etc.

Singing Beach

And then, finally to the beach!
Singing Beach

There was maybe a half a mile span between rocky areas where all the sun bathers were- the water was too cold to get into- but some people were brave enough.

Singing Beach

Looking back at the beach house
Singing Beach

The rocks to the left:
Singing Beach

One of the seagulls. We saw a few of them getting into the soft-sided cooler of a group in front of us

Singing Beach

The rocks to the right:
Singing Beach

View to the left:
Singing Beach

A house with a view and access to the beach
Singing Beach

A view of the town walking back to the train station.
Singing Beach

It was a nice day at the beach! Singing Beach is a nice place to visit and has easy access for those that are car-less (like us)! It’s the Rockport Line and passes by Salem (which is where we went this weekend!!!)

August 21, 2011



  1. What a lovely place – surprised they were charging to walk on it though it was nice it was kept clean etc
    Beautiful though. And it looked like a nice place to just relax.


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