Hurricane Irene couldn’t keep us from P-town

That’s right,Hurricane Irene couldn’t keep us from P-town. Before we knew Irene was coming (back in August), we made reservations for a bed and breakfast in Provincetown. It was our first visit to “the Cape”, also called Cape Cod. It’s the eastern most portion of Massachusetts. Provincetown is easily accessible via ferry from Boston.

To quote from Wikipedia:

Sometimes called “P-town”, the town is known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry, and its status as a vacation destination of gays and lesbians.

Okay, there, it’s over. I know that family reads this, so I wasn’t sure how that would/should go.

So – back to Irene. We made non-refundable reservations for 2 nights on a Monday for the coming Friday and Saturday nights. Then, on Tuesday, Irene began to hit the local news- saying that it was going to hit the East Coast, including Boston. This was our first impending coastal storm since moving here. As each day passed, it seemed like it was going to hit the area even harder. So come Thursday evening, we still didn’t even know what we were going to do. Should we be out buying extra canned goods and candles?!? News was that it wasn’t going to hit the area until Sunday. So that meant that we could enjoy a little bit of  vacation- so we decided to take the 2pm ferry, instead of the 6pm – so that we could get a few extra hours.

Provincetown- August 2011

We bought one-way tickets instead of round-trip so that we could play it by ear on what time and day to come back to Boston. The ferry is called a fast ferry and takes 90 minutes. It’s about $50 each way or $80 round-trip. There are a few companies that do it.

Provincetown- August 2011

Above is the view leaving Boston. I like to watch the skyline get smaller and smaller- or when we get back- bigger and bigger.

We watched for whales on the way. Benjamin spotted a few of the smaller (not humpback) whales, but it was fun looking for them. It’s the same company that took us on the whale watching tour and it was a similar boat.

Here’s what P-town looked like when we arrived:
Provincetown- August 2011

It was sunny and 70 when we arrived. We walked about 10 minutes to our bed and breakfast, checked in, left our luggage, got a snack, and caught the bus to the beach! We weren’t exactly sure about the bus schedule and route, but went to the main bus station in town and saw the signs. You paid $1 and they made a circle around to the different beaches. We went to Race Point Beach.
View Larger

And within no time, we saw sand!
Provincetown- August 2011

I just love the beach!
Provincetown- August 2011

And then I saw ROCKS!! Uhhhh, rocks at the beach! I’ve never seen that in Florida and Alabama. I was warned, but still in shock!
Provincetown- August 2011

I made it to the edge of where the rocks and sand met…. and then, finally but slowly walked over- ouch ouch ouch.

Provincetown- August 2011

But I was going to put my feet in the water- we were at the beach!

Provincetown- August 2011

The landscape was beautiful:
Provincetown- August 2011

One of my favorite pictures from the beach:
Provincetown- August 2011

We went back to the bus stop and waited only 2 minutes – lucky us! We also were lucky in that the driver wasn’t going straight back to the main station- he needed to go to the other places to pick up people since it was nearing the end of the day. We wanted to see the rest of the beaches! We definitely picked the right beach. The others would have been good if we had bikes to ride around on – maybe next time!

More later …



  1. I do not like rocks on my beaches either. Thinking of your poor feet reminded me of Catalina Island off the coast of LA. Do you have Keens or something like that to walk on? Florida beaches with beautiful white sand has spoiled me good.


  2. I’m very glad you made it to Providencetown!! However, I’ve never seen a beach that had rocks instead of sand!! Your toenail polish looked GREAT under that water!!
    Take care,


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