Hiking in the Blue Hills

Last weekend, I went with 2 friends (Julienne and Lucy) South of Boston to the Blue Hills Reservation Park for hiking. It was a short drive there.

Julienne just got her truck in town from California last month, so we’ve taken 2 road trips so far!
link to the Park

Did you know what the word Massachusetts means? According to Wikipedia: “More than ten thousand years before the Europeans arrived, Native Americans made their home in the hills. The natives referred to themselves as Massachusett, or “people of the great hills”. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts derives its name from this Native American name.”
link to Wikipedia

This was my first time actually hiking in a while. Yea, I’ve been on mostly marked paths but this was real hiking. We climbed over rocks and tree branches. We followed several paths so we don’t know how far we went. They had paths marked by different colors and have those colors marked in trees on which direction to go. We followed 2 different paths up the hills and then took a different one in the way down and then back around.

It was also my first time outdoors with a dog. It was lots of fun. She had a great time and was exhausted on the way home!






  1. How very interesting you all had a dog along. And I bet the dog slept most of the time going back home. (hope you didn’t want to nap too) When I hike uneven ground, I look at the trail so I won’t twist my ankle, or worse–fall. (I guess my age is showing)

    I’m so glad you have such great friends and get to go lots of places.


  2. I’m sure that was a really great experience. All these things you are doing will be memories you will never forget.
    We missed you all on Thanksgiving. We only had 14 for dinner, so there was lots of food left over. We still have dressing. Its too good to throw away. Love you,


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